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The Mysteries of Cinema Światowid in Nowa Huta [VIP TOUR]

When in the years 1955-1957 were built cinema was known in advance that he will serve not only to entertain the residents of Nowa Huta.

For many years, the building functioned as a cinema until the 90s when Poland took the systemic transformation. Building for several years functioned as a department store, night club, discotheque, closed many times until finally forgotten.

Today, in a former cinema, the museum of PRL and you can visit this extraordinary example of architecture of socialist realism. Although to date we have not much is left of the glory days, however, there are places that stopped in time, which are still waiting to be discovered.

We invite everyone to explore inaccessible areas of the former cinema. We will go to the former cabin film projectors, go through the former balcony, descend to the basement where we visit the shelter, and we go to places that are not available in the traditional offer sightseeing.

Our small group will have a unique opportunity to be where hardly anyone looks!

When? the term can be determined
Price: from 69 PLN / person
Booking: +48 12 6813692 or

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